Monday, June 17, 2013

Sun Prairie - Laundry Room

So, I live at one of Sun Prairie/PPM, Inc.'s apartments.

The laundry facilities are terrible... or at least, that's the case in my building.

I emailed the Sun Prairie office a while back, and they actually cleaned out the dryer vents, but fixed none of the other issues I'd mentioned.

The sign that lists the prices and advertises $.90 savings per load ($.45 wash, $.45 dry) when using a laundry card? Yeah, it's inaccurate. I thought the washer was undercharging by $.05, and the dryer overcharging by $.07, each time. Instead, I was told that the charges are correct, but the sign is not. To quote: "We obviously need to have the signs updated so that they match what we are charging our residents, and will see that this gets corrected." That was 2013-01-15. Even now, it's still the same sign that's been there since I moved in, around 2012-02-26.

The humidity is insane. Literally puddles on the floor. Clearly a falling hazard - I've had the tight space be my only saving grace from a sure fall several times. Why is it so humid? Well, the fire marshal says the door needs to stay closed (it is a fire door), and all three dryers share a single exhaust vent. It used to be that the door was propped open, but apparently my additional signs and repeated closings have gotten the other residents out of the habit of that. Even when the door was open, the humidity was insane - just smaller puddles. However, the open door caused the entire hallway where the laundry room is to be unbearably humid.

Also, the fact that the three dryers share a vent cause another undesired effect: if someone is already drying their clothes in one dryer, and you go to put your clothes in another, you are greeted by a cloud of dryer lint in your face, since the pressure of the exhaust from the in-use dryer spreads out equally, utilizing the other two dryers as exhaust vents (in addition to the outside exhaust vent).

It's just really frustrating that they haven't really "fixed" anything, despite my multiple requests.

And that's why this is the "Life Gripes" blog.


2014-03-31 Edit:
This post was originally published 2013-06-17 19:22 Pacific Daylight Time, according to the history thingy on my left. I have not spoken to anyone in any form, about this issue since.

Today, when I loaded up two washers with my laundry, I noticed a couple things:
1. The exhaust portion of the dryers are the cleanest I have ever seen them. (I scope out which dryer I'm going to use, when I start the washers).
2. The sign has been updated!

Credit where credit is due. This blog is about being honest, more than complaining. Don't get me wrong - I'll still complain. But I'll also update posts as I see fit, to account for new information, and keep things honest.

I'm very pleased with the changes I saw in the laundry area just now. Would have been nice to have them happen sooner, but I suppose things sometimes take longer than I'd like.

That's all for now.